HANA NO IE | A permaculture Resort

Built with a concept of sustainable human ecodesign, the Japanese inspired Hananoie Resort is a true permaculture resort located at the Astam hills of Kaski district.

A permaculture resort, Hananoie has been developed with a concept of self-sustainability. The resort has a farmland inside its premises. Different kinds of mixed vegetables are grown in the same field with herbs, onion, and garlic in between them to prevent insects, and clovers to cultivate the soil. The resort grows crops in such a way that harvesting can be done all around the year.

With its own five-acre vegetable farm, the resort not only grows vegetables but also produces herb teas such as chamomile, rosemary, and lemongrass among others.

The resort is self-sustainable in dairy too. They get their dairy products like milk, butter, cheese and yogurt from their cattle farm with few buffalo.

Even the dung of the animals are utilized to produce biogas. Waste from toilets is directly dumped into the underground ferment tank to add up to the materials for biogas. Apart from the cooking gas, the system they have installed also has been producing liquid fertilizers for its farmland. It not only contributes to organic farming but it also contributes to the sanitation of the resort since the waste is completely fermented.

The resort also keeps honeybee to produce their own honey and for pollination as well. Even the warm water and some amount of power is being generated from its solar plant.

Surrounded by the sacred peaks of Himalaya ranges, Hananoie was designed to harmonize with nature. Traditional building concepts have been used to build the resort. The cottages here have been built with local resources and traditional concepts with roofs covered with slates and external walls built with stone. Coconut fiber has been installed under the roof which also acts as a heat insulator. Instead of using cement, the internal wall is covered with clay. It not only moderates humidity and heat inside the room, but also act as soundproofing and air filter.

Hananoie provides five of such cottage-type guestrooms with two twin-bed rooms in each of the cottages. The room’s interior has been designed to make it simple yet comfortable. Rooms are furnished with hand-made furniture, natural dyed curtains, wooden floor and windowed frames thickly painted by beeswax.

The bathroom and toilets here are also designed to be environmentally friendly and comfortable. Hot water is well-supplied by a solar power boiler and the water that drains from the shower is purified by natural method and recycled. Whereas, the waste from the toilets goes to its biogas plant.

The resort also provides its guests with organic cotton towels and hand-made soaps, that are easy to decompose.

Hananoie serves delightful and original cuisines to its guests. They don’t have a fixed menu here. Fresh and seasonal vegetables, home-made honey, dairy products from their organic farm are used to prepare foods. The cuisines here are prepared in Nepalese, Western, and Japanese styles.

Hananoie Resort offers a different experience altogether. It is a luxury accommodation in a rustic setting. The resort’s location offers you breathtaking 180-degree panoramic views of the Annapurna range, Machapuchhre and other Himalayas, on the horizon. The view of these snow-capped peaks shining like gold in the morning sun is something that will leave you awe-inspired. The view of the valley and the flowing river below and the human settlements in the surrounding makes it a perfect location to spend some peaceful time in a natural setting.

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